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Or Else We Die

Global Game Jam 2015 Entry
Or Else We Die

Or Else We Die

The global game jam in Leeuwarden was an overwhelming success for us this year! Under the theme "What do we do now?" we've created a procedurally generated forest action adventure within 48 hours. Together with the audio designer Terry we managed to impress audience and jury alike! You'll be able to see more amazing products (serious and not so serious games) here soon! Follow the link to play the game on your computer.

  • Event: Global Game Jam
  • Year: 2015
  • Site: Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden
  • Role: Programming, Game Design, Interface, 3D
  • Awards:1st place audience award, 2nd place jury award, programming award, 3d award

Hydac Offshore Pump

Oculus Rift 3d Visualization
Hydac Pump

Hydac Offshore Pump

This is an immersive 3d walkthrough for the biggest mobile hydraulic power unit ever assembled. A 42x15x15 feet container transports 10 Hydac hydraulic pumps, cooling, reservoir and an operating system.

  • Client: VIR4SHORE
  • Role: 3D Asset Creation, Oculus Rift Integration, Interacion Design
  • Year: 2014

Our team

We are a multi discliplinary team with a strong background in game development. With years of experience from both the serious and entertainment games sector and game development education we are ready to create games and 3d visualizations of almost any kind.

Nils Slijkerman

Role: Communication, 2D asset creation and design, Project Management

Cor Stroosma

Role: 3D Asset creation and design

Rando Wiltschek

Role: Programming